Product Information

Product information

Yes, we plate all of our pieces with real 14-18K yellow gold and genuine white rhodium (white gold). All of our products are thoroughly tested for quality and durability before, during and after production. Our base materials include: Stainless Steel, Brass & Sterling Silver.

The process we use is one of the highest quality plating available. This process allows our gold-plated jewelry to last longer than any typical gold plating you may be used to. We are constantly working to improve processes to ensure our products are the longest lasting available.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a diamond alternative with many of the same qualities as a diamond. At Counter Drip we only use the highest grade of CZ stones (AAAAA) to make sure all pieces look like the real deal. The nice part about these ‘diamonds’ is, that they are lab made. As it’s hard to prove if real diamonds are mined in an ethical way, we think it’s better to be save than sorry.